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look good in a bikini

Bikini Body

look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini

Look Good In a Bikini

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look good in a bikini

self-tanWith so many risks associated with sun bathing, from premature aging to skin cancer, the only safe way to achieve that golden glow is with a little help from self-tanning lotions. Although at home self-tanning renders great results if you can spare the time and money, go for a professional spray on self-tan at your local beauty salon.

If doing it at home, both for fast and slow self-tanning start with the ankle and foot first, and then work up the body. On you legs go in long sweeping movements towards the heart area. On areas like your knees and elbows, go in a slight rotation and use a mitten if you can.

Fast Self Tanning
If you’re in a rush try one of the Neutrogena self-tanning products available at your local drugstore (I prefer creams to sprays for an even coverage) and start slow and clean: Take a good shower and scrub your body so all dull skin is removed. Dry yourself thoroughly and being fully nude, apply your first layer of self tanning product covering yourself from head to toe.

Wait at least 4 hours. With your skin dry, apply a second layer, this time concentrating on the areas you want to hide. If your hips are too wide, contour them with the self-tanning cream. If your tummy is too big, apply the lotion there and so forth.

Still want to be darker? Wait another 4 hours at least. Apply a third layer, this time all over your body just like you did with layer #1 but adding a little extra to those trouble spots (hips, tummy, butt, etc.)

The following morning take a shower but DO NOT scrub! Add some shimmering body lotion all over your body except trouble spots (you don’t want to make them glisten), and you’re ready to look delicious and perfectly tanned in your bikini.

If you have time
To build up a tan slowly, start out by exfoliating your full body before the first application. Use a gradual self-tan like Origins Let It Show  for a natural looking glow, applying it several days in a row. DO NOT scrub your body in between.

Another way to do it is to mix the self-tan with your regular moisturizing lotion and apply this mixture twice a day.

Either way, remember to add an extra layer here and there to hide trouble spots.

To make your skin glisten use a shimmering body lotion. Cocoa Butter or a Vitamin-E-based shimmer body lotion will do the trick.

If you have a big tummy, the easiest way to”hide” it, is by enhancing your boobs. Boost your boobs with a great padded bikini top (the kind that ties behind your neck and has a plunging neckline is the best to make your boobs pop). Add high heeled sandals to make your legs look longer. As for the bikini bottom, DO NOT wear anything tight because all you’ll achieve is making those extra pounds overflow. Instead wear something on the loose side in a very dark color.

The morning before going to the beach do a self-tanning session concentrating on your tummy. Don’t go overboard but do make your tummy a little darker than the rest of your body which will make it look smaller.

Finally, the morning of, add some sparkling body lotion on your cleavage area and put on some sort of shiny bulky necklace and watch that tummy practically disappear.

The right bikini style for youHow will your body look in a swimsuit? Better yet, what style will make your body look best. As the bikini season starts, its time to buy a new suit and which one will work best for you. Most mens suits stay the same, but womens suits constantly change.
Women looking for the hottest swimsuits need to consider all the various cuts and designs of the newest bikinis.

A bikini, is simply a 2 piece swimsuit made for women. There are many variants to the actual bikini – string bikini, thong bikini (also known as a Brazilian bikini), tankini, and monokini. There are underwire tops, skirted bottoms, wraps, side tie bottoms, halter tops, bandeau tops, and full scoop bottoms. The hardest job is finding a bikini that enhances your best body parts and hides others.

Want a bikini but dont want to pay to much? Go online!

The web is full of cheap bikini options for the teenager looking to catch some waves and the mom or single woman ready to look good for less. I have assembled a few of my best swimwear saving tips to help you save at least 30 to 60 percent off bathing suit retail prices this season.

Step 1
Search for coupon codes to buy your cheap bikinis online. Input the words “cheap bikinis” into the search engine to find discounts at major department stores and online retailers.

Step 2
Purchase your inexpensive bikinis in August and September. Although major designer fashion lines release their resort collections—filled with swimwear and yacht club attire—during the late summer, the department stores are slashing prices on their current swimwear and bathing suit wares. This is a perfect time to buy a cheap bikini online and in the stores. Online closeout stores sell designer bikinis online for luxury-loving shoppers.

Step 3

Cheap plus-sized bikinis abound at online retailers made for women over size 14. Online sizes range from 1x to 8x for tankinis, one-piece suits, halter-tops and boys shorts for plus-sized women.

Step 4
“Build Your Own Bikini” where online shoppers can build their own bikinis. Whether you are a size 0 or a size 18 you can select your own cheap bikini and have it shipped to you within a few weeks.

Step 5
Within the pages of your monthly catalogs lie discount bikinis for women on a budget. If you are a fashionista who craves designer swimwear for less, don’t forget Victoria Secret’s swimwear options for women who are high on fashion, but need a cheap bathing suit alternative.

puckerbuttGetting a pucker butt is not about going to the gym for a year straight and working your butt off. Nope, it’s about buying the latest in fashion for that great looking bikini butt. Pucker Butt Bikinis (also known as Scrunchie Butt Bikinis) are named from their obvious pucker detailing in the back and scrunchie like appearance.

A pucker butt bikini accentuates the curves that were already there and helps hide those “extra” pounds that you may have in the butt section. It adds a nice round shape to give your buttocks that firm, tight look and it calls attention to that area. The best part is that not only do pucker butt bikini’s look great but they are comfortable to wear as well.

No more tan linesLove that tan, just without the lines? Well say goodbye to tan lines fore ever with a tan through biking.  With a porous fabric that is safe and feels great,  lets part of the sun’s rays through, giving you a natural tan all over, making you look and feel great. Stay cool and let the sunshine in, while enjoying no tan lines on the beach!

The fabric is specifically designed to let you tan underneath your bathing suit, resulting in an even suntan with no visible tan lines. The secret is lightweight micro fibres woven with tiny pores to allow sunlight in. Most beach wear has an SPF of between 6 and 10, giving you the protection of a light sunscreen while still tanning your entire body. Though light and airy, the unique construction makes it strong and versatile, and never see-through.