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look good in a bikini

Bikini Body

look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini

Look Good In a Bikini

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look good in a bikini

Bikini’s! In order to look right in your bikini, you need to shop right for your bikini. Deciding on the proper one  is just like purchasing your wardrobe; particularly when it comes to a bikini, as no other swimwear can subconsciously make you feel as fat. Choose an inappropriate cut , and it will highlight every lump and bump rather than conceal it. Shop cleverly by knowing which styles suit your body shape and you don’t have to worry so much about feeling self-conscious on the beach in your New Bikini!

The right bikini style for youHow will your body look in a swimsuit? Better yet, what style will make your body look best. As the bikini season starts, its time to buy a new suit and which one will work best for you. Most mens suits stay the same, but womens suits constantly change.
Women looking for the hottest swimsuits need to consider all the various cuts and designs of the newest bikinis.

A bikini, is simply a 2 piece swimsuit made for women. There are many variants to the actual bikini – string bikini, thong bikini (also known as a Brazilian bikini), tankini, and monokini. There are underwire tops, skirted bottoms, wraps, side tie bottoms, halter tops, bandeau tops, and full scoop bottoms. The hardest job is finding a bikini that enhances your best body parts and hides others.

Want a bikini but dont want to pay to much? Go online!

The web is full of cheap bikini options for the teenager looking to catch some waves and the mom or single woman ready to look good for less. I have assembled a few of my best swimwear saving tips to help you save at least 30 to 60 percent off bathing suit retail prices this season.

Step 1
Search for coupon codes to buy your cheap bikinis online. Input the words “cheap bikinis” into the search engine to find discounts at major department stores and online retailers.

Step 2
Purchase your inexpensive bikinis in August and September. Although major designer fashion lines release their resort collections—filled with swimwear and yacht club attire—during the late summer, the department stores are slashing prices on their current swimwear and bathing suit wares. This is a perfect time to buy a cheap bikini online and in the stores. Online closeout stores sell designer bikinis online for luxury-loving shoppers.

Step 3

Cheap plus-sized bikinis abound at online retailers made for women over size 14. Online sizes range from 1x to 8x for tankinis, one-piece suits, halter-tops and boys shorts for plus-sized women.

Step 4
“Build Your Own Bikini” where online shoppers can build their own bikinis. Whether you are a size 0 or a size 18 you can select your own cheap bikini and have it shipped to you within a few weeks.

Step 5
Within the pages of your monthly catalogs lie discount bikinis for women on a budget. If you are a fashionista who craves designer swimwear for less, don’t forget Victoria Secret’s swimwear options for women who are high on fashion, but need a cheap bathing suit alternative.

bikini1Not every bikini style goes with every body shape. So before you buy your new bikini, test out what it will look like on you. See how the suit fits you from every angle. Don’t be afraid to stand in front of that three way mirror. Also, be sure to check out your appearance while squatting or sitting. You will quickly become alert to a too-skimpy bottom or uncomfortable style.

If you have a few or a lot of extra pounds, to look your best make sure to choose a print that makes you smaller and with dark colors. If you love how big prints make you look, try to find a print in a dark color for slimming effects. It’s ok to pair a use a solid colored bottom with a printed top and the same in reverse. And, if you are mixing colors, be sure to wear the darker color on the part of your body youd like to minimize.

In general, here are some basic rules to buy the right bikini for your body shape:

Your body: large breasts, broad shoulders, small hips and butt
Best Suited for: Bikinis. Try different tops such as halter, spaghetti straps, bandeau and tops with thicker straps for more support. Avoid tank tops as they will make shoulders look broad and less feminine. For bottoms try wide cut or string tie.

Green Onion
Your body: tall, thin, small breasts, small hips, waist and butt.
Best Suited for: One-piece suits and bikinis. For one-piece suits pick plain simple designs and colors. For bikini tops try push-ups, tanks and tops with stripes, patterns or designs on them. For bottoms try low riding, or boy shorts. Avoid string bottoms as they will make legs look scrawny.

Egg Plant
Your body: narrow shoulders, small breasts, big hips
Best Suited for: Bikinis. For tops try light colors, underwire, push-ups, demi and tank. For bottoms try, boy shorts, triangle cut. Avoid boy cut shorts as they will make hips look bigger.

Bell Pepper
Your body: small bust, waist not defined, short
Best Suited for: Bikinis. For tops try bandeau, tank, halter. For bottoms try side ties, thin straps, boy shorts. Avoid one piece suits as they will make body look boy like and boxy.

Your body: big breasts, small waist, big hips
Best suited for: Bikinis. For tops try underwire bra and halters. For bottoms get average cut bottoms. Avoid high cut bottoms as they will draw attention to hips. Choose solid colors.