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look good in a bikini

Bikini Body

look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini
look good in a bikini

Look Good In a Bikini

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look good in a bikini

Look good in a Bikini !    Step One – First off, you want to burn fat. How does one do this? Through interval training. Getting that hard bikini body will take work. Interval training involves doing 30 minutes of your favorite workout such as running or walking at your normal pace, then increasing the pace for 3 to 5 minutes then slowing down to your normal pace again. Keep interspersing your pace until you complete your 30 minutes. Try to do interval training at least 3 times per week to help you burn more fat for that bikini body.

Step Two – Incorporate deep stretching into your workout routine at least 3 times per week. This will help to disperse cellulite deposits that tend to accumulate in certain areas. By strengthening and lengthening as well as visualizing the lengthening process in your mind, you help to better disperse any excess fat deposits within your skin. You need to lengthen and stretch for 2-3 minutes instead of 30 seconds different areas of your body such as your hamstring, glutes and inner thigh. You should do this at least 10-15 minutes a couple times per week.  We are now two stpes closer to Look good in a Bikini!

Step Three – Strength training. This helps speed up weight loss, increase your resting metabolic rate and give you that sculpted look essential to the hard bikini body. Work out different muscles at least two times per week on top of your interval training and stretching. Be consistent, but don’t overextend yourself, build upon your results and progress weekly to help you achieve that bikini body.   Again. Take a look in the Mirror! Is this want you want? repeat these steps and keep it up to Look good in a Bikini!

self-tanWith so many risks associated with sun bathing, from premature aging to skin cancer, the only safe way to achieve that golden glow is with a little help from self-tanning lotions. Although at home self-tanning renders great results if you can spare the time and money, go for a professional spray on self-tan at your local beauty salon.

If doing it at home, both for fast and slow self-tanning start with the ankle and foot first, and then work up the body. On you legs go in long sweeping movements towards the heart area. On areas like your knees and elbows, go in a slight rotation and use a mitten if you can.

Fast Self Tanning
If you’re in a rush try one of the Neutrogena self-tanning products available at your local drugstore (I prefer creams to sprays for an even coverage) and start slow and clean: Take a good shower and scrub your body so all dull skin is removed. Dry yourself thoroughly and being fully nude, apply your first layer of self tanning product covering yourself from head to toe.

Wait at least 4 hours. With your skin dry, apply a second layer, this time concentrating on the areas you want to hide. If your hips are too wide, contour them with the self-tanning cream. If your tummy is too big, apply the lotion there and so forth.

Still want to be darker? Wait another 4 hours at least. Apply a third layer, this time all over your body just like you did with layer #1 but adding a little extra to those trouble spots (hips, tummy, butt, etc.)

The following morning take a shower but DO NOT scrub! Add some shimmering body lotion all over your body except trouble spots (you don’t want to make them glisten), and you’re ready to look delicious and perfectly tanned in your bikini.

If you have time
To build up a tan slowly, start out by exfoliating your full body before the first application. Use a gradual self-tan like Origins Let It Show  for a natural looking glow, applying it several days in a row. DO NOT scrub your body in between.

Another way to do it is to mix the self-tan with your regular moisturizing lotion and apply this mixture twice a day.

Either way, remember to add an extra layer here and there to hide trouble spots.

To make your skin glisten use a shimmering body lotion. Cocoa Butter or a Vitamin-E-based shimmer body lotion will do the trick.

Bikini wax So, you want to have a sexy bikini wax but are a little gun shy?  Here a just a few tips to make that wax a lot more easier.

When you’re paying someone to put hot wax on sensitive parts of your body, trust is obviously important. Don’t be shy about asking lots of questions in advance.

· Book it right. Schedule all the services you want when you make the appointment. Women often book a bikini wax and then ask for a leg and eyebrow wax later, which can double the allotted time, and different areas may require different technicians.

· Let it grow. The hair on the legs and bikini area should be a quarter-inch long if it’s fine and a half-inch long if it’s coarse. That means you’ll need to wax every two to four weeks.

· Prepare yourself. If you’re waxing anywhere on your face, don’t use retinol products, Accutane, or some antibiotics for the week beforehand. The morning before your appointment, exfoliate but skip the lotion.

· Check the wax. There are two basic waxes: Strip wax is removed with a piece of fabric; hard wax goes on thicker and can be peeled off. Both are effective, though many people find hard wax, which is usually used for the bikini area, less painful and request it.

· Manage the pain. Take two Advil an hour before your appointment. If it still hurts, ask the technician to apply strips to smaller areas at a time. After a wax, apply an aloe lotion or use a hydrocortisone cream if you get any red bumps.